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Delivery and payment.

Delivery countries and regions

Japan, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines

Check shipping costs

Delivery fee:

<Shipping within Japan> Japan Post

880 yen (tax included) nationwide (excluding Hokkaido and Okinawa)

*1,320 yen (tax included) for Hokkaido and Okinawa.

<Shipping outside Japan> EMS shipping by Japan Post

China, Taiwan, Korea

Under 500g  1,450 yen (JPY)

Under 1kg  2,200 yen (JPY)

Under1.5kg  2,800 yen (JPY)

Under2.0kg  3,400 yen (JPY)

Under2.5kg  3,900 yen (JPY)

Under3.0kg  4,400 yen (JPY)

Under3.5kg  4,900 yen (JPY)

Under4.0kg  5,400 yen (JPY)

Under4.5kg  5,900 yen (JPY)

Under5.0kg  6,400 yen (JPY)

Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines

Under 500g 1,900 yen (JPY)

Under 1kg 3,150 yen (JPY)

Under1.5kg  3,850 yen (JPY)

Under2.0kg  4,550 yen (JPY)

Under2.5kg  5,150 yen (JPY)

Under3.0kg  5,750 yen (JPY)

Under3.5kg  6,350 yen (JPY)

Under4.0kg  6,950 yen (JPY)

Under4.5kg  7,550 yen (JPY)

Under5.0kg  8,150 yen (JPY)

Delivery fee is calculated automatically if you change currency.

Delivery to your staying hotel in Japan

We accept delivery to hotels during your stay in Japan. We recommend shipping within Japan, as there are no customs duties and shipping costs are cheaper than shipping overseas.

When ordering, please write the name and address of your hotel in the delivery address. We will contact the hotel staff and arrange for you to pick up the item at the front desk.

Check payment methods

Payment methods:

Credit card, PayPal, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, ApplePay, bank transfer

UnionPay, WechatPay, Alipay, Gcash, Kakao Pay, AliPay HK, Dana, TrueMoney Pay

* Various electronic payments, QR code payments, and credit card payments are also accepted at Osaka physical store

Bank transfer account:

Kyoto Shinkin Bank, Ibaraki Branch, Ordinary Account 3007241

Account holder: Tozando Co., Ltd.

Additional charges other than product price:

Shipping fee, bank transfer fee (only for bank transfer), customs duty (only when shipping to a country with import duties)