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Sencha / Chinese tea x crafts

Sencha is extracted from tea leaves using hot water.

A familiar way to enjoy green tea, oolong tea, and black tea.

Live a good life while using the crafts cultivated in Sencha culture.


Each Tozando teapot is handmade by potters. A teapot made from the earth where you can feel the texture of the local soil.

teapot pouch

A pouch made for a teapot. The teapot is wrapped in brightly colored fabrics such as traditional silk fabrics and chintz.

Teapot box

Teapots are used for a long time and with care. Lacquer boxes and paulownia boxes for displaying and carrying teapots.


A set that combines a teapot, a teapot pouch, and a lacquer box (paulownia box). Making Sencha utensils more casual. Enjoy tea in your own way.

Luxurious teapot set to enjoy good tea.

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