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Bizenware Sangiri teapot


This is a Bizen Sangiri teapot made by Bizen ware artist Ichiro Mori's workshop. It is characterized by its pale gray color. This teapot has a very calm and mature atmosphere.

Sangiriis a traditional technique of Bizen ware. When the pottery is covered with charcoal in a kiln and fired, it becomes pale gray or brown. It has a beautiful curved shape often used in Chinese tea called a horizontal pot, and you can feel the natural texture of Bizen soil.

Potter: ICHIRO MORI (Bizen ware) workshop works

Firing: Wood-fired kiln

Size: Total length 12cm (including handle and spout), body diameter 8cm, height 8cm

Capacity: 180ml

Weight: Approx. 140g

Package: Paper box

Note: Since each item is handmade, each item may vary slightly.

When pouring hot water, almost no leakage occurs between the lid and the body. Due to the nature of the soil, the hot water will not stop flowing even if you cover the hole at the top of the lid. If you are concerned about the quality, we recommend that you check at the actual store before purchasing.

<Bizen ware>

Bizen ware is a pottery made in Bizen City, Okayama Prefecture. Bizen ware is fired at a high temperature of 1,200 to 1,300 degrees Celsius and is strong, so many pots and jars were made from it. Bizen ware is loved by tea ceremony masters for its unique earthy texture, and from the Muromachi period (1338 AD onward) onwards, many ceramics for tea ceremonies began to be made.

Each potter mixes or uses different types of clay, and many of their works are characterized by the texture of the clay. It is shaped by hand or on a potter's wheel and fired in a wood-fired kiln.

Bizenware Sangiri teapot

¥23,100 JPY
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