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Kyoware blue white teapot

This is a blue and white porcelain teapot for Chinese tea and Taiwanese tea made by Koyoware atelier Shibata kiln.

It is characterized by its pale blue-white porcelain color and rounded form. What is noteworthy is the detail of the teapot. The spout and handle joints are beautiful. The small bottom is elegant and gives a refreshing impression.

This blue and white porcelain teapot has the feel of traditional wood-fired ceramics. When firing in a wood-fired kiln, the flame is irregular and hot. This creates a change in the glaze on the surface, giving the teapot a soft luster.

Firing white porcelain and blue-white porcelain in a wood-fired kiln requires a wealth of experience and high skill, so in modern times, it is often fired with electricity or gas. However, pottery fired in a wood-fired kiln has a soft atmosphere and rich expression. I can feel the soft atmosphere of the old pottery that I saw in the museum in this teapot.

Potter: Shibata kiln (Kyoto)

Firing: Wood-fired kiln

Size: Total length 12.5cm (including handle and mouth), body diameter 7.5cm, height 8cm

Capacity: 160ml

Weight: Approx. 160g

Packing: Paper box

Note: Because it is handmade, each piece will vary slightly.

The fit between the lid and the body is good. If you are concerned about the quality, we recommend that you check at the actual store before purchasing.


Kyoware is ceramics made in Kyoto City. After the Edo period (around 1800 A.D.), many tea utensils for matcha and sencha were made as tea ceremonies became popular. Against the background of Kyoto's high culture, it developed with the support of temples, shrines, nobles, and merchants.

We specialize in vividly colored paintings such as dyed, red, and gold paintings, as well as finely crafted ceramics. This is ceramics with a high aesthetic sense and modeling technology that incorporates various techniques and styles.

Kyoware blue white teapot

¥22,000 JPY
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Each Tozando teapot is handmade by a potter. A teapot made from the earth where you can feel the texture of the local soil.


A set that combines a teapot, a teapot pouch, and a lacquer box. Making Sencha utensils easier to use. Enjoy tea in your own way.

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Japanese tea is changing. We have a wide selection of teas with outstanding aromas and characteristics, such as oolong tea and kamairicha.

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