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Tokoname ware, white-weed-glazed teapot (copy)


This is a teapot for Chinese and Taiwanese tea from Jinshu Touen.

This teapot is made using a traditional Tokoname ware technique called "mogake." Seaweed is attached to the surface, and after firing, the minerals in the seaweed remain as a pattern.


The grayish white color and vertical shape create an elegant atmosphere. The vertical lines on the surface of the body also give it an appealing, handmade feel. The tea strainer inside is also carefully made by hand.


Maker: Jinshu Touen (Tokoname ware) 

Firing: Electric furnace

Size: Total length 12cm (including handle and opening), body diameter 7cm, height 8.5cm

Capacity: 150ml

Weight: Approx. 130g

Packaging: Paper box

Note: Teapot shape: Type C. Since these are handmade, each one is slightly different.


The seal between the lid and the body is good. You can see how to pour water in the YouTube video below.


White algae teapot - YouTube


<Tokoname ware>

Tokoname ware is pottery made in Tokoname City, Aichi Prefecture. It was Japan's largest pottery production area during the Middle Ages, and in addition to everyday items such as plates, bowls, and pots, many large pottery vessels such as jars and pots were produced.


Late Edo period(AD1858Age)From then on, red clay tea utensils and sake utensils were also made.(AD1962Year)Since then, the technology for electric furnaces for red clay was established.


There are clays suitable for teapots, such as red clay and black clay, and the techniques for making teapots are extremely high. It is the largest teapot production area in Japan.

Tokoname ware, white-weed-glazed teapot (copy)

¥16,500 JPY
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Each Tozando teapot is handmade by a potter. A teapot made from the earth where you can feel the texture of the local soil.


A set that combines a teapot, a teapot pouch, and a lacquer box. Making Sencha utensils easier to use. Enjoy tea in your own way.

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