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Shigaraki-ware Coarse-grained red teaware

This is a rough-grained red teaware by Sotouen.

At Sotouen, each piece is shaped on a potter's wheel and fired in one of Japan's largest climbing kilns. They have not changed anything about their pottery-making methods and continue to preserve traditional techniques.

When you touch this teaware, you can feel the texture of Shigaraki's rough clay. Shigaraki was once a lakebed in ancient times, and today it is a place where high-quality clay is harvested.

The sides of the teaware have lines from the wheel shaping, and you can really tell that it was made by hand. The firing in a wood-fired kiln is excellent, and you can enjoy the texture of the clay.

The inside is glazed, so it does not absorb much of the tea's aroma, and can be used for a variety of teas. This teaware is often used to brew green tea, but it can also be used for Chinese and Taiwanese tea.

Kiln: Sotouen (Shiga Prefecture)

Molding: Wheel-forming by hand

Firing: Wood-fired kiln

Type: Pottery

Size: Total length approx. 11.5 cm, bottom diameter approx. 5 cm, height approx. 7 cm

Capacity: Full 200 ml, Practical use 120 ml

Weight: Approx. 216 g

Packaging: Paper box

Notes: Since this is handmade, there are slight differences between each piece. No glaze on the outside. Glazed on the inside.

<Shigaraki ware>

Shigaraki ware is thought to have started in the late 13th century. At that time, pots, jars, bowls and other pottery for daily use were produced.

In the late 15th century, Japanese pottery began to be used as tea utensils in the tea ceremony. Shigaraki ware, along with Bizen ware, was the earliest pottery used as tea utensils.

From the 17th century onwards, tea jars to hold tea leaves presented to the shogun family were also produced in Shigaraki.

Shigaraki ware is deeply connected to tea and is a type of pottery that was loved by many famous tea masters. Being close to Kyoto and Osaka, where the tea ceremony was popular, many matcha bowls, vases, and sencha tea utensils were produced.

Shigaraki-ware Coarse-grained red teaware

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