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Sago tea (roasted green tea)

Sago tea is produced in Tsushima, Nagasaki Prefecture.

This tea has the aroma of pot roasting and the scent of ocean. Tsushima is surrounded by the sea, and the tea leaves are grown in the sea breeze, so you can feel the minerals of the sea. The more tea leaves you use, the more salty the scent will be. I think this is a rare tea that is very impressive and allows you to feel the island of Tsushima.

While regular Japanese green tea is steamed to stop the fermentation of the tea leaves, Kamairicha is roasted to stop the fermentation of the tea leaves. Kamairicha is only produced in some regions such as Kyushu, Shikoku, Wakayama, and Shizuoka.

Kamairicha is characterized by its aroma and clear golden color. The taste is similar to Chinese green tea, so it is also recommended for those who like Chinese tea.

Tea Farm: Tsushima Oishi Farm (Tsushima island, Nagasaki Prefecture)

Type: Kamairicha

Variety: Okumidori

Contents: 40g

Best before date: November 2024

How to drink: About 3 minutes with 80℃ hot water

       150ml of hot water for 3g of tea leaves.

The bag has a zipper. The inside of the bag is made of aluminum vapor-deposited material, allowing you to enjoy fresh tea leaves for a long time.

Sago tea (roasted green tea)

¥648 JPY
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Each Tozando teapot is handmade by a potter. A teapot made from the earth where you can feel the texture of the local soil.


A set that combines a teapot, a teapot pouch, and a lacquer box. Making Sencha utensils easier to use. Enjoy tea in your own way.

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Japanese tea is changing. We have a wide selection of teas with outstanding aromas and characteristics, such as oolong tea and kamairicha.

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