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Premium paulownia box with silk cord


A paulownia box with braided cord for teapots. This paulownia box is made from high-quality paulownia wood and pure silk braid. High-quality paulownia is resistant to dryness and lasts a long time.

Paulownia boxes are boxes that have been used in Japan since ancient times to store ceramics. Paulownia is hygroscopic and protects ceramics from moisture, mold, and impact.

Paulownia is not wood, but the stem of a plant. Because it grows quickly, the material is soft and easily damaged. However, because the material is soft, it is difficult for shocks to be transmitted to the contents, making it possible to protect them.

In recent years, it has attracted attention as an environmentally friendly material because it grows quickly and has a low impact on the environment. In addition to storing ceramics, you can also use it to store sweets such as tea leaves and cookies.

Producer: Mihagi Kogei (Japan)

Size: Length 10.8cm Width 10.8cm Height 11.5cm

Weight: Approx. 120g

Materials: Box, paulownia (imported from the United States) / Braid, 100% silk

Note: The color of the braid is navy blue. This box is for Chinese tea and Taiwanese tea teapots sold at our store.

It is not compatible with the teapots for Sencha.

Premium paulownia box with silk cord

¥6,050 JPY
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