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blue glaze tea cup B


This is a blue glaze tea cup made by Sekiun Kiln.

The beautiful sky blue color is reminiscent of the celadon porcelain of the Ru kiln, which was known as the kiln that produced celadon porcelain for the imperial court during the Northern Song Dynasty in China.


There are some areas where the glaze has a light purple color, giving the entire vessel a soft and elegant atmosphere.


This tea cup is made using a potter's wheel, scraping the surface and shaping it. The scratch marks on the bottom are beautiful. Only the bottom is unglazed, and the feel of the clay feels good in your hand.


This tea cup is characterized by its round shape and beautiful sky blue color. A handmade bowl that shows off the color of the tea.



Potter: Sekiun Kiln (Kyoto)

Molding: Potter's wheel molding

Type: Pottery

Size: Diameter approx. 7.5cm, bottom diameter approx. 3cm, height approx. 3.5cm

Capacity: Full water 50ml Practical 30ml

Weight: 40-50g

Packing: Paper box


Note: Because it is handmade, each piece will vary slightly.



<Kyoto ware>

Kyo-yaki is ceramics made in Kyoto City. After the Edo period (around 1800 A.D.), many tea utensils for matcha and sencha were made as tea ceremonies became popular. Against the backdrop of Kyoto's high culture, it developed with the support of temples, shrines, nobles, and merchants. 

They specialize in vividly colored ceramics such as dyed, red-colored, and gold-colored paintings, as well as finely crafted ceramics. This is ceramics with a high aesthetic sense and modeling technology that incorporates various techniques and styles.

blue glaze tea cup B

¥3,520 JPY
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Each Tozando teapot is handmade by a potter. A teapot made from the earth where you can feel the texture of the local soil.


A set that combines a teapot, a teapot pouch, and a lacquer box. Making Sencha utensils easier to use. Enjoy tea in your own way.

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Japanese tea is changing. We have a wide selection of teas with outstanding aromas and characteristics, such as oolong tea and kamairicha.

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