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日本の手づくり急須とお茶の専門店 東山堂

About Tozando

Tozando is a Japanese teapot specialty store founded in May 2022.

We mainly handle teapots for Chinese tea, Taiwanese tea, and sencha tea.

About half of the teapots sold at Tozando are original to Tozando. At Tozando, we think about the rough shape and design, and then consult with ceramic artists and pottery makers to create the pieces. We also consult with craftsmen to decide on the size and design of the lacquered boxes.

We handle teapots that take advantage of the texture of the local soil and traditional techniques. I want a teapot that gives me a feel of the Japanese climate. That was the beginning of Tozando.

We visited artists and potteries from various production areas and talked with them about making teapots for Chinese tea. Little by little, the number of artists and potters who cooperated with us by explaining how to brew Chinese tea and the characteristics of teapots suitable for it increased.

At the same time, we searched for a bag maker who could make shicovers and a lacquerware craftsman who could make lacquered boxes, and was able to have them make shicovers and lacquered boxes specifically for teapots.

Everything handled by Tozando is made with Japanese handicrafts and natural ingredients. The shop Tozando is possible thanks to the artists and craftsmen who cooperate with us.

We want Tozando to be a store that people can come to casually, like tea shops in China and Taiwan. Thanks to the support of people who like tea and carefully made products, we would like to continue selling products that require a lot of effort, albeit on a small scale.

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