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Bizen ware potter, Ichiro Mori

Ichiro Mori is a Bizen ware artist. His teapot is made using traditional Bizen techniques such as Hidasuki, Sangiri, Goma and kiln change.

日本の手づくり急須とお茶の専門店 東山堂の漆塗箱

Lacquerware production process

The lacquered boxes sold by Tozando are made using the following process. ① Making the base wood → ② Upholstery → ③ Undercoating → ④ Intermediate coating → ⑤ Top...

日本の手づくり急須とお茶の専門店 東山堂 急須セット小茶箱

About Kochabako

Tozando has named the set that combines a teapot, teapot pouch, and lacquered box Kochabako. The concept of Kochabako is "carrying the Sencha culture".


About lacquerware box

Tozando's lacquerware boxes are made by Ootoshi lacquerware shop, an atelier of Echizen lacquerware.

日本の手づくり急須とお茶の専門店 東山堂

About Tozando

Tozando is a store specializing in teapots for Sencha, Chinese tea, and Taiwanese tea. We sell teapots with an earthy texture made with Japanese clay and handcraft, as well as...

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