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日本の手づくり急須とお茶の専門店 東山堂 急須セット小茶箱

About Kochabako

Tozando has named the set that combines a teapot, teapot bag, and lacquered box (paulownia box) Kochabako. The concept of Kochabako is "carrying Sencha culture".

A beautifully wrapped small box that can be used as a tea ceremony at home or anywhere. A compact combination of tea utensils cultivated in Sencha culture. It is designed to help you enjoy tea utensils in your own way.

People find tea more delicious when they are calm or happy. When you're busy or not feeling well, you can't really appreciate the taste. I think the mood is important for tea.

By using beautiful products, you can improve your mood and enjoy your tea time. Kochabako is a teapot set for drinking delicious tea.

Kochabako is also a proposal to make traditional crafts easier to use and more familiar. Crafts are beautiful and I want to use them, but I sometimes felt like I didn't know how to incorporate them into my life.

I thought that by combining Sencha and Chinese tea according to the specific usage, such as drinking deliciously, it would fit better into daily life.

I hope that by getting more people aware of and using Kochabako, traditional crafts will become more familiar and easier to use.

We believe that carefully crafted items enrich our lives.

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