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Tea Gift "Friends even if far away" Japanese black tea, pan-roasted green tea

Distance doesn't matter when it comes to remaining friends.

Tsushima Oishi tea farm and Iwanaga tea farm are good friends. At tea events they help each other with their booths. They live on a remote island in Nagasaki Prefecture and in the southern part of Kumamoto Prefecture, and although they are far apart, they are friends.

A friend of tea farmer who makes delicious tea also makes delicious tea. Therefore, delicious tea naturally gathers around such tea farmers.

Oishi tea farm's hand-picked black tea has a gorgeous aroma. The scent of rose-like flowers lingers for a long time. Iwanaga tea farm's pan-roasted green tea has a pan-roasting taste and a refreshing green tea flavor.

You may be separated from your friends at turning points in your life, such as moving, getting a job, studying abroad, or changing jobs. Still, if you think about your friend, you'll always be his or her friend.

Scent is related with people's memories. A gift of tea that delivers aroma. Your friend will surely think of you while drinking tea.

Product name:
Hand-picked Tsushima black tea
Pan-roasted green tea Kawazuru

Tea farm:
Tsushima Oishi tea farm (Tsushima City, Nagasaki Prefecture) / black tea

Iwanaga tea farm (Yamato Town, Kumamoto Prefecture) / pan-roasted green tea

Type: black tea, green tea

Variety: Benifuki (black tea), Kawazuru (green tea)

Contents: Black tea 30g, Green tea 40g

Expiration date:

Black tea end of March 2026
Green tea End of August 2024

How to drink:
Black tea in 95℃ hot water for about 3 minutes

Psn-roasted green tea, about 2-3 minutes in 95℃ hot water

150ml of hot water for 3g of tea leaves.

Cold tea: 5g of tea leaves and 500ml of water. 2-3 hours at room temperature or 5 hours in the refrigerator.

Notes: Organic cultivation

Gift bag and message card included

The bag has a zipper. The inside of the bag is made of aluminum vapor-deposited material, allowing you to enjoy fresh tea leaves for a long time.

Tea Gift "Friends even if far away" Japanese black tea, pan-roasted green tea

¥2,100 JPY
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