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日本の手づくり急須とお茶の専門店 東山堂

Tozando concept

Tozando's concept is "a little margin in life."

The background of this concept is deeply connected to my memories in Taiwan. When I was in Taiwan, a friend of mine took me to a tea shop. There, adults were slowly drinking tea and making small talk. The sight of people drinking tea peacefully made me feel relaxed in my life.

I started going to that tea shop and was able to experience the tea culture in my daily life. I have become friends with the shop famili, and it is a very comfortable place.

Tea in plastic bottles or tea bags is convenient and good, but tea brewed in a teapot is delicious. It's very nice to cherish free time in your life.

We want to be a store that helps people who are busy with their daily work and housework, and people who are looking ahead to their lives, so that they can feel at ease in their lives.

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