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日本の手づくり急須とお茶の専門店 東山堂の急須仕覆

Tozando teapot pouch

Tozando's teapot bags are made by Syusai, a traditional pouch atelier.

Syusai was founded in 1970, and the second generation, Mr. Masashi Hagiwara, who succeeded his first generation, produces pocuhes and other items.

Teapot pouches are made from silk fabric or cotton chintz. These fabrics have been used in tea ceremonies and other Japanese arts.

 This pouch was originally used to wrap tea containers and matcha bowls. One day, when we were looking at teaware at an art museum, we found this pouch and thought it would be very beautiful to wrap a teapot in.

When we started Tozando, we looked for a cover to wrap the teapot, but we couldn't find one. We tried using a ready-made cover, but it didn't work well.

In other words, teapot pouches are just like clothes, and if they are ready-made, they will not fit perfectly. Because teapots are not symmetrical, the pattern must be folded up to create the perfect fit.

However, if a pattern is made, it will be custom-made and will be more expensive. We wanted a beautiful teapot pouch, but we wanted it to be as close to a ready-made bag as possible. Therefore, Tozando narrowed it down to several teapot shapes, asked Syusai prepare a pattern to make an original teapot pouch. (Currently, we only have teapot pouches made for three types of teapots.)

Just like clothes, it's fun to change teapot bags to suit the season, mood, purpose, location, etc. A teapot pouch is a tea utensil that not only protects the teapot, but also beautifully displays it.

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