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常滑焼工房 甚秋陶苑さんの急須

Tokonameware atelier Jinshu Toen's teapot

Mr. Seiji Ito of Jinshu Pottery is a modern master craftsman who is highly acclaimed not only in Japan but also internationally, having won awards at the World Pottery Awards in Yixing, China, and the Taiwan International Golden Pot Ceramics Exhibition.

Mr. Ito is a very flexible person and passionate about crafts. This is also reflected in the teapot.

His teapots are supple, beautiful, and passionate. He creates wonderful teapots that are comparable to China's Yixing teapots.

The entire body, lid, mouth, and handle are well proportioned. There is no distortion in the slightest, and the construction of the lid and tea strainer is also excellent. Water does not leak between the lids, making it easy to use.

The clay used in the teapot is clay that can be found on the Chita Peninsula. It is red clay, which is the typical clay of Tokoname ware. It is suitable for teapots with fine clay particles and complex shapes. Therefore, Tokoname ware is a type of pottery that is specialized for making teapots.

The color of red clay varies depending on the artist and craftsman. Mr. Ito's red clay is a bright reddish-brown color with a subdued luster.

It's fun to watch the potter's wheel molding process. It's actually quite difficult and requires a lot of concentration.

Mold the same shape together. Most of the work is done by one person.

Mr. Ito says that he considers himself a craftsman, not a pottery artist. Mr. Ito's teapots are full of originality in shape and design.

I believe that being a artisan is not about having originality, but about having a strict attitude toward manufacturing. He is a artisan who sincerely pursues both form and usability.

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