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About lacquerware box

Tozando's lacquered boxes are made by Ootoshi Lacquerware Shop, an Echizen lacquerware atelier.

Ootoshi Lacquerware Shop is a long-established Echizen lacquerware shop that has been in operation for four generations, located in the Kawada district of Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture. Lacquerware can be divided into round items such as bowls and square items such as lunch box. Mr. Ootoshi is a craftsman who specializes in square items.

All of Tozando's teapots are made by hand. Just like the teapot, we wanted to prepare a good box as well.

Lacquerware has been used as tea utensils since ancient times. Lacquerware is light, durable, and allows you to safely transport and beautifully display your teapot.

Lacquerware made from natural lacquer has a beautiful luster and a soft thickness on the surface. Originally, boxes were used to store things, but lacquerware is a beautiful craft and is a wonderful item to appreciate. In addition, lacquer has a unique scent, and you can feel that it is made from natural materials.

The wood thickness of the boxes we handle is originally 6mm. It becomes 7mm by applying lacquer. By applying multiple coats of lacquer, it becomes 1mm thick, making the lacquerware long-lasting.

Tozando has standardized the box sizes by setting an upper limit on the size of teapots. By not omitting processes to increase durability and by simplifying the lid structure to a single plate, we are able to provide original, high-quality lacquered boxes at prices close to those of ready-made products.

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